An overview of the powerline and electro magnetic fields controversy

Electric and magnetic fields all radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum is produced by the interactions of 2 forces, referred to as fields radiation has both an electric field and a magnetic field electric fields are the forces acting on charged particles (parts of atoms), like electrons or protons, which cause them to move electric current is simply the flow of electrons produced by an electric field. The cables give off electric and magnetic fields standing under the highest wire (the middle one for high voltage lines) will give the highest reading emfs from powerlines drop as you go away from the line. Electromagnetic fields (emf) are generated in the vicinity of power lines, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, broadcast towers and similar transmitters whether or not emf can harm human health is a controversial issue scientific evidence does not demonstrate a causal link between typical exposures to emf and adverse health effects.

an overview of the powerline and electro magnetic fields controversy This radiation takes several forms all standard electric devices from household appliances to the hydro power lines give off some degree of elf or electromagnetic fields and sometimes we talk seporately about electrical fields and magnetic fields.

Properties of powerline magnetic fields also known as elf-emf (extremely low frequency electromagnetic field) and alternating current (ac) magnetic fields typical unit of measurement is in milligauss (mg) or microtesla (μt), where 10 μt = 1 mg. 11 electromagnetic fields are a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force humans are exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by natural phenomena such as the earth magnetic field or lightning, but also by human activities, including the use of power lines and electrical appliances.

Electromagnetic fields and cancer despite many studies, the evidence for any effect remains highly controversial however, it is clear that if electromagnetic fields do have an effect on cancer, then any increase in risk will be extremely small. Electro magnetic fields essay examples 4 total results the effects of electro-magnetic fields on our lives 1,409 words 3 pages an overview of the powerline and electro-magnetic fields controversy 529 words 1 page an examination of how electro-magnetic fields affect our lives 1,393 words.

What is emf (electromagnetic fields) 101 – by emf & rf solutions this report is an overview on what is emf (electromagnetic fields), what are the sources, how do we and an “indirect” estimate of high magnetic field exposure such as living very near a type of powerline that could cause of high magnetic fields or working. Electric fields are measured in volts per meter (v/m) a one volt electrical potential one meter away will have an electric field of 1 v/m this is a very small field, so it is common to see measurements which are thousands of volts per meter (kv/m) the standard unit of magnetic field strength is called the tesla (t. Powerline (ac) magnetic fields when an appliance is turned on, there will be a powerline magnetic field, due to current, which can be measured by an ac gaussmeter in the unit of the milligauss or microtesla.

An overview of the powerline and electro magnetic fields controversy

The world health organization has declared both powerline magnetic fields and radiofrequency fields to be a group 2b possible carcinogen in the same category as lead and ddt there are thousands of scientific studies on the biological effects of emf. The suggestion that power line electromagnetic fields (emfs) cause diseases like cancer has generated dozens of popular articles and television news segments, hundreds of scientific studies, and numerous consensus reports it has attracted the attention of epidemiologists, biologists, physicists, policymakers and lawyers.

Electromagnetic field the term electromagnetic field (emf) refers to the combined properties of an electric and magnetic field the concept of an electric field, first introduced by michael faraday, is the region that encompasses an electrical force generated by a source electric charge. The niemr/emf controversy: the social construction of scientific knowledge and science policy in the ‘gibbs’ powerline inquiry 1990/91 david w mercer university of wollongong mercer, david w, the niemr/emf controversy: the social construction of scientific to the electromagnetic fields (emfs) from high voltage powerlines and various.

An overview of the powerline and electro magnetic fields controversy
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